VP Days Gone Feature

Since starting a monthly virtual photography theme dedicated to Days Gone back in September 2019, VP Days Gone has increasingly grown each month. New photographers continue to take part, while veterans have been around since the beginning. As VP Days Gone continues to evolve, one photo will now be featured below at the end of each monthly theme to highlight a photographer from the community and showcase the world of Days Gone.

September 2020 – Travel Oregon

A well executed photo that combines color, angle and framing to capture the Camp Pioneer sign during Deacon’s travels. Hope still remains when signs of life are on display.

Photographer: @Bedankimeria1

August 2020 – Horror

The beauty and chaos of Days Gone is on full display in this haunting photo. It gives you a hint of what this world has become in the apocalypse, but still shows you that there is a world to survive in.

Photographer: @hdimit11

July 2020 – Favorite Shots

Hordes are arguably the best part of Days Gone. Capturing photos of them can prove to be difficult with your fight for survival. This photo displays a perfect in the moment shot as Deacon tries to flea from countless Freakers.

Photographer: @Unhappyclappy1

June 2020 – NPCs

A beloved character with a majestic shot highlighting the highly detailed character models of Days Gone.

Photographer: @DarkLinkN7

May 2020 – Action

This atmospheric shot displays Days Gone at its finest with the dynamic weather, the moody lighting and the focus on the bike, while fleeing one of the many enemies in the harsh Pacific Northwest.

Photographer: @Dominik_VP