Welcome to The Broken Road, a blog dedicated to the video game Days Gone. Here you will find interviews from the people behind the game at Bend Studio, topics about Days Gone, short-stories written by me, a photo gallery of in-game photos and more. Days Gone released in April 2019 and has been a huge success with the players. A Sony exclusive, Bend Studio developed a whole new franchise, new world and new characters to the PlayStation lineup. With this blog, I aim to share my love and passion for the game by sharing a variety of Days Gone content.

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Kevin McAllister

My name is Kevin, creator and writer of thebrokenroad.blog. I am also a virtual photographer that focuses solely on Days Gone, a Moderator for r/DaysGone and President of the Mongrels community.

You can follow my work here, or on Twitter and Instagram. You can also join our Discord where Days Gone fans get together and talk everything and anything about Days Gone. Hope to see you on the broken road!