PS5 Launch with Days Gone

Hey Mongrels! The PlayStation 5 will be landing in my house on Thursday, November 12th! I am beyond excited to finally hold the DualSense controller in my hands, play more incredible games and experience the full effect of next gen. With the backwards compatibility function and Days Gone receiving a PlayStation 5 upgrade with up to 60 FPS and Dynamic 4K, I am treating this like a brand new game release. That means you can expect to see a lot of content showing off the PlayStation 5 version of Days Gone on the weekend of launch. Check out the schedule below:

Friday, November 13

  • Hands-On Impressions

Saturday, November 14

  • Live stream at 9:30pm EST as I start the story all over again with New Game + on Survival II difficulty

Sunday, November 15

  • Continuing the story with another live stream at 9:30pm EST

Catch all the live streams at or view them later on YouTube. Plus, expect new in-game photos scattered over the weekend on Twitter and Instagram to display the graphics of Days Gone on the PlayStation 5. In the meantime, head on over to our Days Gone Discord or r/DaysGone to talk everything and anything about the game.

3 thoughts on “PS5 Launch with Days Gone

  1. I am also going to play days gone again on the PS5 this time. The games graphics and audio of this game was amazing on the PS4 and I can imagine it will be much better on the PS5.

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  2. Can’t wait to see it streamed on the PS5. Will always enjoy more Days Gone content! Hopefully it will hold me over until I can get my hands on a PS5 as well.

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