Virtual Photography Theme #3

We’re back with a new theme for the month of November! This time the theme was decided by YOU, via the poll from Twitter. The results are shown below. Thank you to all who voted!

The winner is… Deacon St. John! Share your best photos of our favorite drifter and bounty hunter. As long as Deacon St. John is the focus of the photo, you have free range to come up with whatever you like. Want something silly? Go ahead! How about the popular portrait shots? Yes please! Maybe you want Deacon in action battling against a horde, or cruising his bike through the wilderness of Oregon? Let’s see it all!

I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who participated in last month’s Freakshow theme. There were a lot of entries and I’m glad you took the time to share them! Also, this will be the last theme held in 2019 as we will be taking the month of December off. Due to the holidays and everyone’s busy schedule for this time of year, we will resume with our fourth theme in January 2020.


  • Theme: DEACON
  • Tag your posts using #VPDaysGone. You can also tag me to make sure I see it!
  • All posts suited to the theme will be retweeted and added to a moment at the end
  • Last chance to enter your photos for this theme will be on Saturday, November 30th at 11:59pm EST
  • Hosted by me: @vikingdad278


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